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ProMedica Employees, Send Us Your Sweet Ideas!

ProMedica Innovations invites you to share your ideas for new or improved medical technologies, software or devices.

They say every great idea starts as a seed and ProMedica Innovations wants to see if we can help your healthcare ideas blossom! We’ll see if we can help you make your solutions a reality!

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Great ideas can’t do any good if no one knows about them.

ProMedica Innovations helps to transform ideas into powerful solutions that build knowledge, expand medical capabilities, improve patient care and change lives, and we’re looking for the innovators among us.

Do you have an inspired idea, invention or device that checks these boxes?

Original, useful and with patent potential

Solves a problem or unmet need

Life science, medical device or health IT solution

Then show us what you’ve got! We’ll put our network of resources, expertise and connections to work, at no-cost to you, exploring the possibility of making your innovation a reality.

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Contest FAQs

Who can submit ideas to ProMedica Innovations?
We welcome ideas from all ProMedica employees and anyone in the surrounding communities we serve.

Why should I share my idea with you?
Whether your idea could make your day-to-day work easier or revolutionize patient care, bringing an early-stage medical technology to market is time-consuming and costly. When you submit an idea, you open a line of communication with a team of experts capable of providing critical connections and commercialization resources including business assessment, beta testing, prototype engineering, patent searches and filing, FDA testing and more.

If my idea is developed, what’s in it for me?
ProMedica Innovations assesses submissions for commercial viability and funds necessary pre-commercialization work for high potential innovations. Should an invention go-to market, you will receive a percentage of the revenue generated.

Additional questions?
Email innovations@promedica.org or call the ProMedica Innovations Hotline any time at 567.661.0787